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Surrealism (the so-called nadrealizm) is the direction of art created in France in 1924, and the first surrealist exhibition held a year later. André Breton defined surrealism in the work titled "Surrealism Manifesto" which is under the influence of free associations what irrational. Publication Breton Surrealism was the initial assumptions, the complete theory of this line was presented by the same artist in the "second surrealist manifesto".

Breton in the Declaration of 27 January 1925 he wrote that "Surrealism is not a poetic form. It is the soul cry, which returns toward the same and is desperately determined to destroy their tether. "In his opinion, Surrealism sought to produce a crisis of consciousness, because the artists wanted to express this trend in his imagination fully any means, without any inhibitions. They protest against any law and order, moral standards, and I love to provoke.

Surrealism was the foundation of rebellion against art such as, inter alia, the direction of realism, rationalism and classicism. The aim was to create surrealistów absurd images, which were hard to discern any logic, therefore, often looks like the images to present the dreams and hallucinations. It is the imagination was a driving force of progress, and in the center of attention was the possibility surrealistów human mind.

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