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Gothic Painting in Italy appeared at the end of the thirteenth century, from where it spread to areas all over Europe and lasted over 200 years, sometimes the stream followed by the Renaissance. During this period a new form of artistic expression - stained glass windows. On the painting Gothic architecture had an enormous impact. Thanks structures and use of cross vaults, especially in religious buildings, including the painting began to apply the treatment to give the impression of deep perspective and image.

Another feature of Gothic painting was submitted in the form of realism and its environment. Artists from the stream that even with surgical precision give even the smallest details and a unique emphasis laid on enhancing the individual characteristics of the painted figures. We d like surgery light. The theme of the lead in painting religious scenes were Gothic, as in society at that time was inextricably linked with the church. These works are full of symbolism and metaphoric messages.

Due to lack of images of mass communication not only meet the ornate, there were also a kind of carrier of information and one of the elements to promote the idea of Christian - Latin language, commonly used in the church was not for all to understand, but the picture had a more universal message regardless of the country. Images documented economic, historical, and ordinary domestic life. Artists moved the pessimistic themes such as population nękające epidemics and mighty moral corruption. They indicated to the fragility of life and ulotność. Images in this field are usually painted dark colors with contrast spots. All of these works, however, had a very harmonious, but are clearly marked line.

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