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Dadaizm to avant-garde literary and artistic movement emerged in the twentieth century (years 1916-1923) and a primarily in Germany, Switzerland, France and the USA. Promoted primarily on breaking with tradition, which expressed the full freedom of communication and thus support the Art of chaos and absurdity, and therefore a random compilation of various items. The name "dadaizm" was probably chosen by Trista Tzar at random from the dictionary Larousse Hugo Ball, a wooden toy in French.

This trend was initiated by the war migrants in Zurich, whose first work, produced during the meetings dadaists in clubs and cafes, were published in the journal of Cabaret Voltaire, and later also in Litterature, Club Dada, Der Dada and The Blind Man. Dadaists speaking during his meetings and also poems manifests, and also showed their pictures.

Dadaizm it was not a separate stream with its own style. It was a combination of Futurist and Cubism, and ultimately the dadaizm in large part series surrealists. In dadaizm was especially shocked by the public works and nonsense their ideas. Work dadaists rarely meet with neutral feelings - or to inspire admiration, or severe criticism. Was due to include offer for example, show the shell Duchamp pan (called "Fountain"), as well as the reproduction of provocative images of the addition of known additives offensive or distortion.

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